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Borun Agro Chemistry Ltd. was based on a company Agro Georgia Ltd., which has been operating on Georgian market since 2002. During that period Agro Georgia Ltd. has been the leader covering about 40% of the total agrochemical market. Agro Georgia was the pioneer who started introducing and implementing new high tech products.

In 2009 Borun Group purchased 50% of the company, becoming a managing partner in a new company Borun Agro Chemistry. After the merger, the company started expanding its product range and classification. The brands inherited from Agro Georgia were Safa-Tarim (Turkey) and Yara (Norway).

Later, company acquired exclusive rights of the following manufacturers: Dow Agro Sciences (USA), Scotts International (The Netherlands), Agrofill (Italy).

Borun Agro Chemistry also offers local customers, sprayers as well as seeds of several crops. Along with the agrochemicals and fertilizers, Borun Agro Chemistry entered the agricultural heavy machinery and technology market with the Armatrac Heavy Machinery and Agrolead heavy equipment, thus creating the widest product range in Georgia concerning agricultural market.

From the Brands appearing on the market the brand “Safa-Tarim” owned by Borun Agro Chemistry is leader on the market being the most well known and experienced top selling brand

Customer mix can be divided into 4 main segments:
  •   • Big farmers, wine producers, natural juice producer companies
  •   • Specialized dealers
  •   • Dealers
  •   • Wholesalers
  •   • Georgian Government from tenders

Network Coverage:

Company holds one of the greatest retail chains throughout Georgia. Over 35 service centers and other selling points are disseminated into every region of Georgia. The Centers are positioned in such way that it covers every place, where is a great demand for agrochemicals and fertilizers products.